WOLF INVESTORS LTD is the owner of a group of companies specialising in the following;

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Construction installation works for gas, oil and other pipelines
  • Compressor stations
  • Pressure regulating stations
  • Technological installations
  • Structures on the territory of the EU and beyond

Our role within the Group is to provide the following;

  • Funding and operating capital,
  • Negotiate business contracts, guarantees, and insurance
  • Select suppliers to implement the contracts within the Group or outside.

Our branch office or subsidiaries then take care of the contract realisation, for example;

  • Manufacture and sale of residential, office and sanitary cabins and systems
  • Primary production of steel constructions, prefabricated halls, dry bulk material storage equipment, reconstructions of mining machinery and railway wagons
  • Welding under gas shield, cutting, blasting and coating, precision mechanical machining
  • Environmental engineering - research, production and operation of tyre and municipal waste disposal and processing lines
  • Construction and production of equipment for gas and oil industry